“Train a child
How We Do It
For Children 6 Years of Age
up to even Adults

As parents we all know that children these
days have the so-called 'square eye
syndrome' thanks to the electronic media.
In fact most people actually do. We felt the
Lord guided us to use this phenomenon to the
benefit of teaching. We therefore have a range
of videos which we present in the following


Feel welcome to download the videos                                                 

to be used together with the questionaires                                          
to enhance the learning experience.

This can be used as part of the program at
your youth group or Sunday School/Childrens'
Church, during an outreach, or a children's
seminar. The downloaded file can be played
directly from a flash drive on your television
set or computer.

You can have outreaches to:

Youth groups
Play schools
Children charities
Children’s conferences
Holiday programs

For personal use or with your children you
can also play the video online   from this
page, should you intend to view it on your computer
or phone.

Have a look at our Sample Videos

Make use of this brief guide to lead someone
to the Lord, should you need it during the 


You don't need specialist knowledge to
present these videos.

Watch our basic training video below, which
should equip you sufficiently to present these
videos effectively. You can either watch it
online for personal training by opening the
video below, or you can download the High
Definition video to be used on a television set
for group training.
For Children 6 Years of Age
up to even Adults
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The Nutshell
“Train a child
“Train a child
The Nutshell

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