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The following videos are a series of Bible
stories Feel with amazingly valuable applications.
We found that children and adults alike find
much benefit from them.

They are on average three minutes long,
in high definition and can be watched on
television from a flash drive.

To get the most value from them they should
be used along with the questions provided.
Ideally the presenter should have completed
the online training which does not take long.
17. Lot in Sodom
12. The New Beginning
The Nutshell
1. Creation
2. Sin Began
3. Sin's Effects
4. The Second Adam
5. Covered by God's Glory
6. Give your Best
7. What God Thinks of Sin
8. God's Plan to Save Noah
9. Faith
10. The Flood
11. The Earth Dried Up
13. Work as One
14. God Called Abram
15. Abraham a Man Just Like Us
16. Abram and Lot
18. Isaac Promised
19. Hagar and Ishmael
20. Abraham Tested
21. Isaac Got a Wife
22. God's Plan with
Jacob and Esau
23. Esau Rejected God's Gift
24. Jacob Cheated his Dad
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Press 'Preview' button for a larger preview
Press 'Preview' button for a larger preview
Press 'Preview' button for a larger preview
Press 'Preview' button for a larger preview
25. Jacob's Dream
26. The Lord's Favour
26. The Lord's Favour
27. Jacob Sees Esau Again
28. The Struggle at Night
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- Adam and Eve: Videos 1-3, 5
- The Second Adam: Video 4
- Cain and Abel: Video 6
- Noah: Videos 7-12
- Tower of Babel: Video 13
- Abraham: Videos 14-20
- Lot in Sodom: Video 17
- Hagar and Ishmael: Video 19
- Jacob & Esau: Videos 22-24, 27
- Jacob: Videos 22-28
- Joseph: Videos 29-33


29. Joseph's Dreams
30. Joseph Sold as a Slave
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31. Joseph Worked for Potiphar
32. God Needed Joseph in Prison
33. God Made Joseph Ruler
34. Plenty or Little